Sculpture idea Brainstorm

Electric Guitar

I like guitar a lot, i have been playing electric guitar since third grade and I’ve liked it ever since. i practice guitar everyday, even if its just for five minutes after i get home after school. Playing the electric guitar is something I have been doing for a long time, and don’t plan on quitting. for the sculpture, I think that i can turn the entire head into an ear. because you need to hear your own music. also, I could make the arms really big, and the fingers really long.


Video Games

I have been playing video games for almost my whole life, because even when i was 3 years old i would play bob the builder games on the home computer. i play video games almost every day, even if its just for five minutes. video games i fun to do because you can do almost anything in a video game. another great thing about video games is that there is more hope in video games than there is in real life. because in real life you might think there is no hope, but in a video game, you know that you can always try again. a good idea for my sculpture would to make his fingers really big and make the eyes big too.



I have been swimming since i was very young. even when i couldn’t swim i loved to go to the pool and swim with my dad. i couldn’t swim without floaties until second grade or so, but when i could swim i loved to try new things like diving and cannonballs and all kinds of stuff like that. i think that if i make a swimming sculpture i can make him diving and he could have big arms and legs and his mouth can be big too, to resemble holding your breath.

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