Sculpture in process reflection

my sculpture is about electric guitar. i abstracted the ears and arms to make them easy to notice, i tried to make the fingers exaggerated too. i abstracted the arms because you need arms to play and hold a guitar and i abstracted the ears because (most) people that play music listen to themselves play.

I learned that i needed to attach the head better, when i picked it up it fell off. some of the challenges i had were attaching the parts to the body and also finding out what shape to make the torso. the biggest challenge was making and attaching the fingers. they are so small and hard to attach to a sculpture. for my next sculpture i will make the head more stable and try to make bigger fingers and arms because it might be easier to attach the fingers if they are bigger.


  1. Anders Krenk

    Nice poSt Sam! ThEre SoMe CaPiTiLiZaTiOn MiStaKeS ThougH, bUt It DoN’T MaTtEr, YA’LL! I like the sculpture too, and i also like the detail with the fingers, and i also like those awesome ears! I myself also have some problems with sticking things together. You made the best sculpture i’ve seen so far!

  2. sarak

    Sup, Sam your reflectionis pretty good but nexttime try to put in more aspects of your work, also try to remember to capitalize your `i’s` and the letters that start your sentences. to attach the head better i suggest that you draw a grid on the parts that you will attach, and some Slip to it and then attach it. In all you did a good job bro, keep it up! 😛
    Btw, Slip is clay mixed with water.

    • Ms. Zaza

      My goodness, you guys are really into capitalization!
      Sam, a very interesting sculpture— the posture is so eye-catching and is clearly about playing guitar. See, you don’t need the actual guitar! It is clear you put a lot of effort into it, though next time it would be better if you posted a larger photo of the whole sculpture.

  3. yorgot

    You could use some capital I instead of i. but it doesn’t matter because your so awesome. i like the pose and the ears of your sculpture. It seems to be very strong. Also i like the fact it has no legs so the main focus becomes the arms.

  4. julias

    I think it’s a really good idea what you did with the fingers and ears. You have a few grammar mistakes, like capitalization, though.

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