Personal Symbol Brainstorm

These are 8 things that I think symbolize me:

Electric Guitar

Three-Toed Sloth








Electric Guitar:

I think that electric guitars represent me because I like to have noise around me even when I am trying to sleep. I also like to play guitar and I like to have noise around me wherever I go. when there is no noise around me, I feel lonely.


Three-Toed Sloth:

I think that sloths represent me because when I was small I really liked to climb trees and I still do. I also think that they represent me because they are very slow and I think that symbolizes me because I am often tired.



I don’t think that balloons mostly represent me, but they represent my friends. when I was small I always wanted a balloon and would be so sad when the balloon popped or flew away, I have lived inĀ IstanbulĀ for my whole life and since I go to an international school, my friends always move to different countries.



Anders told me that he thought that I represented waves, I think that it represents me because I really like being at the beach and being in the waves. For the most part I don’t know why he thought that I represented waves.



I think that stingrays represent me because they swim really swiftly and that kind of like a sloth, they float around in the water.



I think that the color yellow represents me because to me it feels like a calm and tired color. I think that the color yellow can be one of the few colors in my symbol.



I think that Pizza represents me because it has always been my favorite food. I think that pizza also represents me because there are many different toppings and things that you can add onto the pizza.



I think that a map represents me because I’ve been to many countries and different places and I like to explore interesting places, for example, exploring the small forest that is close to my house.


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