The Abstract Human Final Reflection

In art class, we were assigned to create a sculpture based on our passion or something we really like. We had to abstract body parts to symbolize our passions. the challenging part, was that we weren’t allowed to create props, for example we weren’t allowed to make a basketball if our passion was basketball.

To make the sculpture, the entire class used an orange clay. For the practice runs, our class used a grey type of clay. Also, I used water on both sculptures to make it a bit smoother and easier to mold and stick. Another thing that I used was slip, slip is the mixture of little pieces of clay and water to create a sticky liquid that can be used to stick different parts together which is very useful because it is usually  pretty hard to stick pieces together. I also had access to a variety of tools, I only used one of two of the tools. one of the tools I used had a drill-like tool on one end and had the same thing on the other side. the other tool I used, had a small knife on one side and had a sharp spoon-like tool on the other side.

My sculpture symbolizes playing the guitar. I exaggerated the arms and ears. I would have exaggerated the finger too, but it would have been too hard and would have consumed too much time and I might have not been able to add all of the details I wanted to.

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