Drawings of Three Things

The first three drawings are about waves:

Wave Drawing 1: This drawing is a drawing of a swirly wave that I thought looked cool and nice. I only drew one wave.

Wave Drawing 2: In this drawing, there are three waves passing by each other. All of these waves are swirly like the one in the first drawing, but they are smaller.

Wave Drawing 3: In this drawing there are two groups of waves passing by each other. these waves are not swirly and they are very small.

The next drawings are about sloths:


Sloth Drawing 1: In this drawing there is a sloth hanging from a tree. I made it so that the sloth is only hanging by one hand so that you could see the whole figure of a sloth.

Sloth Drawing 2: In this drawing the sloth is holding onto two branches that are crossing each other and the sloth is a silhouette. i thought that making the sloth a silhouette would look cool in this situation.

Sloth Drawing 3: In this final sloth drawing a sloth is climbing a tree. the sloth in this picture is a small sloth and  it is climbing a branch diagonally.


The last set of drawing are of electric guitars:

Guitar Drawing 1: The first drawing is a guitar with patterns coming out of it. I thought that this would look cool and would make the guitar stand out.

Guitar Drawing 2: my second guitar drawing is a guitar, but the neck of the guitar is in a weird shape. I think that i saw something similar to this somewhere and thought that it looked kind of cool.

Guitar Drawing 3: this last drawing of a guitar is a guitar that is broken and old. if you look closely you can notice that the strings of the guitar are messy and that there is a broken part of the guitar at the bottom.

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