Inclined Plane Investigation

The way an inclined plane works is by spreading out the distance that an object has to be moved so that the effort can also be spread out, making it easier to get objects up to higher places. Instead of picking up a heavy object and putting it onto something else, you can just pull the object up an inclined plane and instead of picking it up, all you have to do is push or pull the object which is easier.


The steeper the inclined plane is, the harder it will be to pull. This is because if you are picking something up, it will take more effort than pushing it across the floor. The steeper the inclined plane, the more similar it is to picking up the item. When picking something up, you have to use all your strength to pick it up, but when pushing something, you can use your weight to your advantage and lean on the object or away from the object to push or pull it.


I have seen ramps or inclined planes outside of restaurants or other public places so that disabled people who are handicapped can get to the places easily and instead of having to walk up the stairs, people with wheelchairs can easily get to the place. Ramps around restaurants are usually gentle slopes so that the handicapped people can get up without using too much effort to get up to the place they need to get.

Graph comparing slope to Newtons of force needed to pull an object on an inclined plane


Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 10.08.23 AMIn conclusion I have seen how much of a difference it makes to use an inclined plane compared to picking something straight up. I never thought about it much before but it makes a big difference. What I noticed was if all of my runs were around the same, it would increase by around 0.15-0.25 newtons for each 10 cm the rise increased. It makes so much of a difference from picking something straight up to pulling it up a 40 cm rise inclined plane.

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