Innovative Process

The two designs:

Pencil Dispenser Design 1 (Detailed)

Pencil Dispenser Design 2



Testing against specification:

Design 1:

Specification points and weightings:


  • Size (1) – The first design was designed with the size of a pencil in mind and will be able to fit multiple pencils inside of it.


  • Durability (1) – The pencil dispenser will be made out of ply wood which is a durable material.


  • Color (1) – The pencil dispenser in this design is not painted


  • Dispensing & Use (1) – this product fulfills a need and dispenses pencils.


  • Mechanisms (1) – this design contains two simple machines (Lever, Inclined plane)


  • Life span (1) – this product should last for at least a few weeks if used properly


  • Quality (1) – this product will be made out of a durable material, and if executed correctly will be of good quality


  • Safety (1) – From what we can see in the design, this product is smooth and will not give splinters.


  • Cost (1) – Judging by which materials will be used, this product should cost around 25 TL which is around the budget.


  • Quality Control (1) – this cannot be weighted at the moment, but assuming I follow what I wrote in the specification, this would get a weighting of 1.


  • Weight (1) – The product does not contain any materials which are too heavy, and it will most likely be a decent weight.


Design 2:

Specification points and weightings:


  • Size – The size will be big enough to fi the average pencil. (1)


  • Durability – It will be made of a durable material (1)


  • Color – It will not be painted (1)


  • Dispensing – It will dispense pencils (1)


  • Mechanism – It will contain a simple machine (1)


  • Life span – it should last for at least three weeks if used properly (1)


  • Quality – the product should be smooth and should not give users any splinters (1)


  • Safety – the product should be smooth so that the user of the product never receives any splinters from it (1)


  • Cost – the product should cost around 20-30 TL (1)


  • Quality Control – I will make sure that my product is quality and I will check on it with my specification at the end of every lesson. (1)


  • Weight – the weight should be reasonable and should not be too heavy. (1)



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