Act III Class Discussion

This is a video of the class discussion on Romeo and Juliet Act III in English class.

Here is a web, showing who is talking to who the most and the least.

Lannisters I, Act III SLD WEB


I think I did well in talking because I wasn’t silent and I was able to get my ideas out. Another thing which I think I did well was that I was able to start and restart the discussion at some parts. I think I needed to improve on finding places to use quotations because they can be very useful since they are straight from the text. I think I also should think of what I am going to say before saying it because at some parts I was stuttering a little bit and I also think I should give a bigger chance for others to talk. I think my group could have received a better score if we used more quotations and gave other people more chances to talk and listened a little bit more. I think the student-led discussions are good because they give everyone a chance to share their ideas about the text and give us a chance to question the book, what will happen next, and many other things. I think it also helps our understanding of the book while taking a quiz on the act probably wouldn’t teach you any more than what you already know.

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