Process Journal

Process Journal:

Date What I did What to do next: Tools & Materials used Pictures
Oct 22 Today I started my rectagles and I am about halfway through my first step. I drew two rectangles on the plywood, and Mr.Thorburn cut them out for me. I then filed then so that they were smooth. I think I am a little bit behind my plan right now, but I think I can catch up. Next I will make the next two rectangles, File, Engineer’s Square, Ruler, PenHandsaw Plywood  Oct 22
Oct 23 Today I drew the outlines of two more of the rectangles and also found the rods and cut them into the right length. One thing I changed is instead if cutting out four of the same rectangles and cutting one in half later, I am going to cut three of the same size and cut one out which is half of the height to save plywood.I also filed some of the pieces. I am a little bit behind on my making of the rectangles, but I have already created the rods which balances it out I think. Next I will cut out the next two rectangles and will also make the two squares which will go on the sides of the box. Engineer’s Square, hacksaw, Ruler, Pencil. File. Plywood Wooden dowel  Photo on 25-10-13 at 11.46
Oct 25  Today I cut out the last two rectangles along with the two squares that will go on the sides, I also filed them and drew the outlines of the small rectangle in the middle of them and marked the places where I will need to drill. I also filed all of my pieces. I think I am on the right track right now and will be able to complete the product on time if I can continue at this pace. Next class I will hopefully be able to get the holes drilled and the small rectangle in the middle cut out. Engineer’s Square, handsaw, ruler pencil, file Plywood  Photo on 31-10-13 at 10.00
Nov 4 Today, I cut the pencil slot into the rectangle that will go on the top by drilling a hole and then using a coping saw to cut the rest out, I also had the holes drilled into the rectangle that will go on the back. I also created the inclined plane with will go into the inclined plane. I had a double period so I had enough time to do all of these things. I also filed all of the pieces I have, I think I am ahead of my plan right now, so I think I have time to paint my product. Next class, I will hopefully paint my product. Coping saw, drill, hand saw, ruler, pencil, File,Plywood  Photo on 07-11-13 at 11.53
Nov 7 Today I filed everything since I did not bring a container for the paint. I will bring a paint container. File  Photo on 14-11-13 at 11.07 #2
Nov 14 I now have brought a container for the paint and will paint it at home. I decided to glue some parts of the box together, but only some parts. If I glue the whole thing together, It will be harder to paint so I will only glue some parts together. I will paint the plywood parts that I created. Glue gun, file.  Photo on 14-11-13 at 12.31
Nov 14 (Home) After I got home, I put down some newspaper on a table and got a paintbrush. I painted the one face of everything and then waited a little bit for it to dry, once it dried, I turned it over and painted the other side. I will use a glue gun to make my product come to life. I will stick it together and finish my product. Paint brush, newspaper, and paint.  Photo on 15-11-13 at 22.29
Nov 15 Today in DT, I worked on my process journal.Today in humanities, I found out that I have to do a process journal for humanities as well. I looked for a YouTube video that has to do with what I wrote since I am finished writing. I found a video which tells you how to create your own pulley. Next DT class I will hopefully glue everything together.Next Humanities class, I will probably work more on adding extra things to my humanities section. MacBook  (No picture)
Nov 17(Home) I had my product over the weekend and so I glued it together using a glue gun. I made sure to be careful when gluing it together to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes. I think it went well except the board that is attached to the rods is very loose and looks delicate. Next class I will put everything on my website and make final touches to my project. Glue gun.  Photo on 19-11-13 at 11.51
Nov 19th During humanities I updated my process journal since I already finished the Humanitites part of my project.In dt class I added a changes made to product section and a testing against specification section. I am almost finished and just need to touch up my website. Macbook


Changes Made to Product:

I made a few changes to my product when building it. One of the things that I did was that I created the inclined plane with a board and a small wooden piece to put under one end of the board so that it would be tilted. I also painted my product, which was actually against the specification, but I thought that painting it would make it look might nicer and hide some pencil marks. Another change I made was I didn’t put the circles onto the other end of the rod, which makes you able to move the board out of the way if there are any problems, but the reason I didn’t do it wasn’t because of this, but it was because I was running out of time and couldn’t. I also did the plan in a different order since things like the drill weren’t always available.


Testing Against Specification:
•           Size – The size will be big enough to fi the average pencil.


The way I tested for size, was I picked up some pencils and compared them to the design and the size of the pencil slot, I found that the pencil dispenser I made was not long enough for many pencils, but worked for most pens.


•           Durability – It will be made of a durable material


I made sure that a material I was using was durable by feeling it a bit before using it, the only material I used which I did not think was durable was the very thick rod which I cut to make the circles which keep the rods in place, this material was very light, soft and not durable.


•           Color – It will not be painted


I actually did not follow this specification point and I painted my product. I did this because there were some scratches and also pencil marks on my product which I thought should be covered.


•           Dispensing – It will dispense pencils


My product usually works when dispensing pencils, but sometimes the pencil doesn’t fit and some pencils which are not round don’t roll down the inclined plane, My product can not dispense most pens because most pens have clips which get in the way of the pen rolling down the inclined plane. I tested it by putting different shaped pencils inside of the product and testing to see if it works.


•           Mechanism – It will contain a simple machine


My product contains two simple machines, the lever and the inclined plane. The lever and the inclined plane are both simple machines and I made sure that when designing the product that it would contain two simple machines.


•           Life span – it should last for at least three weeks if used properly


My product is a little bit less durable than I though it would, but I have not had it for three weeks so I do not know if it will last that long because the front part which moves is a little bit loose and might fall of if the product is dropped or something.


•           Quality – the product should be smooth and should not give users any splinters


I think my product is smooth, but not perfectly smooth. I could have smoothed it a little bit more around the edges but I do not think it can give splinters easily.


•           Safety – the product should be smooth so that the user of the product never receives any splinters from it


As I wrote above, the product is probably not very likely to give splinters but it is still possible because some parts of it


•           Cost – the product should cost around 20-30 TL


I cannot test against the specification point because I am not selling my product.


•           Quality Control – I will make sure that my product is quality and I will check on it with my specification at the end of every lesson.


I checked it with my specification not every lesson, but some lessons, I  think that I made it mostly correct except for a few measurements.


•           Weight – the weight should be reasonable and should not be too heavy.
The pencil dispenser I created was actually much lighter than I originally expected and it a good weight.


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