Act IV & V Class Disscussion


Above you can see the discussion circle, the lines show who talked/connected with who and who talked the most and least.

The video we recorded for our class discussion did not get uploaded to youtube so I cannot link it.

Below you can see a picture of my active reading for these two acts. An active reading is basically a note sheet where we write notes on the acts. To participate in a discussion you must have a filled active reading.

Since the last class discussion I think I improved by talking less and listening a little bit more, and also including more people in the discussion. I also think last time I was rushing a little bit more than this time.

I think since Mr.Johnson said we should relax because we have time to discuss all the stuff it helped because I took my time. The feedback I received last class discussion also helped because my group used quotations while last time they didn’t.
I think my group could improve if we explored topics more in depth and took more time for the different topics instead of moving on to other topics.

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