Age of Exploration: Video Questions

1. What are some reasons Native Americans resent the fact that Christopher Columbus was glorified for so long?

Because Christopher Columbus lead the other europeans to America which caused genocide of the native Americans and also caused them to enslave the native Americans. Columbus and his colleagues also did not treat the native Americans well.


2.Why do so many people think that Columbus should not be credited with discovering America?

Because Columbus only discovered the West Indies, and also he did not discover it on purpose and came across it on accident when looking for India. It is also said that the Vikings traveled to America before Columbus was alive.


3) In the 1400′s, there was very little communication and trade between continents and yet today is difficult to imagine a world without these things. How do the countries benefit from these exchanges? How are these exchanges damaging?

The exchanges help us spread our resources to other countries and borrow resources from others so that we can all have a share of the resources which the different continents contain.

For example, if continent A had a resource like wool, and continent B had a resource like iron, The two continents could trade. Continent A would give a share of their wool and continent B would give them some iron. Then, continent B could use the wool to create clothes and beds, and continent A could make tools out of the iron they obtain. This way, both countries can gain resources which they need, and they since they have a lot of the resource which is native to their continent, they have a lot of it and won’t mind trading it (depending on its value).


4) In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, what were some of the greatest differences between European culture and the native culture of the Americas?

The europeans were more developed, and had better tools, weapons and armor. This caused the Europeans to look down on the native Americans because they did not think that the native Americans were intelligent. The native Americans however, were trying to learn from the Europeans and were accepting to them.


5) What cultural attitudes existed on the part of Europeans that made them feel that it was all right to buy and sell Africans or to enslave native Americans?

They thought less of them because they thought they were less developed and thought of them similar as to how they thought about animals, by that I mean they treated them like animals, but they did know that they were human.


6) One of the biggest changes that resulted from the Great Age of Exploration was an unprecedented shift of world population across the Atlantic ocean. Discuss the results of these population shifts.

During this stage in time, “The New World” was discovered and many european explorers wanted to colonize this area and make it their own, which caused the migration of the population. The population of people going over to the Americas were people looking to make colonies there and/or live there.


7) How did restrictions on trade with the Far east help initiate the Great Age of Exploration?

It mostly helped because it was harder for europeans to get to India and China to trade resources, so many explorers began to search for new routes to India so that they could trade without having to pass the Islamic countries which controlled the area which the original path went through. Because of this, more ships were being made and Sea routes were trying to be found. An example of this is when Columbus found the Americas while he was looking for a sea route to India, which caused other explorers to search around the area.


8) What were some of the factors unique to the Renaissance that helped propel the Great Age of Exploration

People were trying to discover new ways to do things, and new resources and during the dark ages, everything revolved around religion. In the renesaince even though life still mostly revolved around religion, there were many scientists and historians and such who wanted to discover new things. There were three main motivations for the europeans, these were to spread their religion (which was christianity), to be glorified and to be famous, and last to find great riches and to be rich.

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