Mystery Book Review: Ghostman

Rating out of 5: 4

I think this book was good and was fun to read. I don’t usually enjoy reading very much and am not a very active reader but I enjoyed reading this book. It has lots of action, and also some suspense and of course mystery. The main character is someone who you want to follow and see their adventures. The story also has lots of facts which keep the reader from getting lost in the crime story.

This book was manageable to use for the self studies, but was a little bit harder for me to use since all the examples in the self study were about ‘who is the murderer?’ and the mystery in this book is ‘Where is the money?’. This made it a harder for me to complete the self studies because I usually use examples a lot when doing these kinds of tasks. It was also a little bit harder to do because who the antagonist is can be a little bit confusing at times.

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  1. Mr Johnson

    Interesting. I’ll try to clarify the task requirements. I think “where’s the money” is a perfectly good example of a mystery. If I make changes to the task, it should be easier. Great feedback Sam!

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