Lines of Longitude and Latitude

  1. How do lines of Latitude help to determine climate? Are high latitudes or low latitudes typically warmer weather? Why is this so?


The warmest weather does not usually depend on how high or low the line of latitude is, it is usually the equator which gets most of the heat since it is always heated by the sun at relatively the same amount, but the lowest and highest lines of latitude which are around the north and south poles usually do not get direct radiation from the sun which makes them the coldest.

2. What is altitude?

Altitude is the height of something in comparison to the ground level or sea level.


3.How does altitude affect the climate?


The higher the altitude is, the colder it will become. An example of this can be the snow on the mountains.

4. Draw/create a sphere. a) On the please show five special lines of latitude. b) Why are these lines significant? Explain which lines are hit “head on” and those that tend to “glance off” and why?

Lines of Latitude Diagram

5. What causes seasons?

As you can see, the earth is tilted on an axis, this is why there are seasons, as sometimes the northern area is closer to the sun and sometimes the other area is closer. The reason it changes is because the earth rotates around the sun and the axis changes depending on what time of year it is/where the earth is around the sun.

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