Mystery Class Discussion Reflection

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I think the disscussion helped me with these two mysteries very much. This was because I got to see the things which others noticed which I may have missed. I also got to share my ideas on the two mysteries and see what others thought. I think the discussion is a good way to learn about something because everyone can exchange ideas with each other and learn things.

The things which could have been improved were probably one of the mysteries. This was because one was a short story and another was a full movie. I think that it would have been better if either:

A) They were both movies
B) They were both short stories

C)  or they were both books.

This would have helped because instead of comparing the short story genre to the mystery movie genre, we could compare the actual mysteries themselves more clearly without having to get over the presentation barrier. It was still pretty good to have a movie and a short story and the mysteries could still be discussed well, but I think it would have been better to have two of the same medium.

I think the hangouts chat is a good idea. It allows the people spectating the discussion to chat and share ideas with the others and is kind of a discussion of its own. I think it will help people to keep interested in the discussion and keep them from falling asleep. I like the google form, but sometimes when you exit out you can lose all your info. I like typing more than handwriting because it is faster and I can keep up with the discussion better since I can type faster. I think it might be a good idea to have a google doc instead. This would prevent us from losing our data and would be a good idea if nobody was messing around on it.

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