Reading Questions: The Age of Imperialism

1.Why did European nations compete for overseas empires during the late nineteenth century?

They competed for more land so that they could have more resources, become richer and also become more powerful. They were trying to evolve their empire by taking land and expanding. Specifically, Germany and The US were trying to become more economically wealthy, while France and Italy were taking land to improve their reputation and gain power.

2. How did Imperialists gain control of Africa?

Since the Africans were underdeveloped compared to the Europeans, they could not do much about the men who were walking into their land and claiming it as their own. The Europeans had superior technology, and outgunned the Africans. There was one exception however, which was the Mandingo empire. The Mandingo empire managed to resist the europeans for 6 years. This was because their leader had obtained guns through trade.

3. How did the British come to dominate south Asia?

Well, during the time, the Mughal empire had recently fallen, leaving India in hundreds of different states which were ruled by the princes. The British, went in and took control of the land, believing that they were doing the Indians a favor by advancing them in technology.


4. How did European Imperialism affect China?

First, the British set up Illegal opium trade, which caused the Opium war between the British and China. When China lost, the Europeans saw an opportunity to enter China, and the European citizens only had to follow the laws of their own country. Then, a civil war known as the Taiping rebellion. The British helped the Chinese Emperor keep his power.


5. How did Japan react to European Imperialism?

Japan did not want to become a victim of European Imperialism, and strongly resisted against it. Japan was completely Isolated from Europe until 1854, when a US fleet came. Japan signed a treaty with them. Japanese leaders traveled the world, getting ideas from different countries and western technology. Japan began to develop in many different aspects, such as technology and military.


6. How did Imperialism develop in the western hemisphere?

Latin-America was undeveloped compared to most other civilization during their time, so this gave the British and The US an opportunity to develop business there. The US connected with Latin-America because of the American-Spanish war, which was held to make Cuba and Puerto Rico independent from Spain. The US expanded by controlling the Philippines, as well as Cuba, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

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