Things Fall Apart Video Question

In the book Things Fall Apart, the Europeans enter Nigeria, and the book is about how the Europeans slowly take control, and how the two cultures are different. This shows two sides to Imperialism, the negative side, and the positive side.

To start off with the Negatives, the Europeans disrupted many of the cultures of the Igbo people, and this included converting many people to christianity. The different beliefs of the two cultures caused a lot of problems. Many of the Ibo people wanted the Europeans out of their land, but since the Europeans already converted some of their men, they would not fight against their own men. The Igbo could not do much about the Europeans slowly taking control.

However, I believe that the Positive effect is more present after the Imperialism. For example, even though the Europeans took away the Igbo religion, they still gave them some choice if they did not want to convert to christianity, and the Igbo religion also punished many people and there were many outcasts who could seek meaning in christianity. The religion gave many people different motivators and objectives. The Europeans also created trade routes. I think that although the Igbo should have been able to keep their religion, that the positives outweigh the negatives.


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