Contour vs Value

Blind ContoureThe picture above is a blind contour drawing. A blind contour drawing is when you look only at the object you are drawing, and not at the paper. While doing this drawing, I only looked at my hand and did not look at the paper while I was drawing. Blind contour drawings are usually not very proportionate unless they are done by a professional or someone who has practiced a lot. Blind contour drawings are usually done with one line or very few lines.

Modified Contour


as you can tell, this drawing is a lot more detailed than the other and is much more realistic. The main difference when drawing it is that it was a modified contour drawing, which means that I was also able to look at the paper while I was drawing which let me draw multiple lines to help get the right shape.

The element of art which is used in contour drawing is line. The line element of art is the outline of the object and the line that defines the difference from different objects.

These exercises are important because they help us capture the main shape of the object we are trying to draw. With practice, we can draw the outline of an object very easily and it will look realistic.


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The two pictures above are using a different element of art. This element is called value. Value is basically how dark or light a color is. It helps define shapes and make it realistic because you can draw how the light hits an object. It can help show the difference between a sphere and a circle.

The exercises we did with the sphere and the value scale helped me learn how to create different shades of gray and other colors and also helped me learn how to shade things to make shadows visible and make the picture look more three dimensional. It helped me learn some techniques with the different materials as well


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This is a picture I drew of what seems to be the jaw of a boar. I used lots of different materials to make this picture. I started by drawing a pencil contour of the jaw. I then filled it in with value by using three different materials. White chalk, vine charcoal and Charcoal. Charcoal is very dark and can be smudged around easily with paper to make a shadow effect, while vine charcoal is similar it is not as easily smudged and is more grey than black. The white chalk is hard to smudge but gives a light effect.

The hard things about this were getting the light and dark right in the small picture, and not smudging the colors too much so that they didn’t leave the outline. It was also quite challenging to spot the different shading of the object and comparing how dark it was to the other dark places and getting everything right. It was not an easy task.

For the fish drawing, I am going to try my hardest to take up as much space as much possible so that I have lots of room to shade and I will also try to make sure that i get the shading so that it looks realistic. I am going to smudge the colors carefully and not too hard so that the paper doesn’t start to rip.

I am going to try to create a detailed fish drawing by keeping one angle of my view on the fish so that the lighting doesn’t change. I will try to make it as detailed as possible in terms of value and also small details like how the light shines on the fish. I expect there to be lots of reflection of light onto the fish because it is slippery. I am going to try to make sure that I get in a lot of small details because if I do lots of small details it will add up to make it look realistic.

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