The Surreal Collage Process

The Objectives of the Project

The objectives for this project were to create surreal art using both magazine pieces as well as colored pencil. We had to use the elements of surreal art to make sure that our art was surreal and we also had to make sure that we used both magazine pieces and colored pencil in our art so that it would be a collage.

The Idea

My collage is a zeppelin that is flying with a school of fish as well as a few birds. After I had come up with my first and second ideas, I was almost sure that I was going to chose my first idea, until I had created my third idea, which ended up as this one.
When making this sketch, i was trying to make something that I would like to draw, so I thought that a zeppelin or blimp would be fun to draw. After I had that idea, I had the idea to make the clouds fire, but then after I decided that I should make the zeppelin part of a school of fish, I decided that I should take out the fire clouds. Afterwards, I was inspired by a piece of art I saw and wanted to include a sunset similar to the one in the artwork in my piece.
In the end, my idea is supposed to show the blending between manmade things and natural things, like how the zeppelin is part of the school of fish.

Why did I choose this design?

Well with my three sketches, the first one was a windmill that was on fire underwater, the second was a guy breaking ice and under the ice there was a jungle, and the third idea was the final chosen idea.
I first took out the second idea because I thought that I would not be able to complete it in time since the only parts that were magazine was the man, and I did not think that I would be able to make it look very nice without a lot of time. Then when it was down to the windmill and the zeppelin sketches, I thought a lot about which one to choose since I liked them both equally, but in the end I chose the one with the zeppelin because if I had chosen the other one, I would only get to draw the water, since the rest of it was magazine pieces. I decided that I would rather draw a zeppelin and clouds than just water, and that is how I chose this sketch.

Collage Pictures (so far):

Zeppelin 1

zeppelin 2

I think that my collage so far is turning out pretty well. Specifically, I think that the zeppelin and many of the clouds are turning out just as I wanted to in my mind, and the birds actually turned out quite well in my opinion. I think that some parts of it however don’t stand out as much, such as the fish that I drew compared to the ones from the magazine. I am finished with my collage for the most part, and if I add anything to it, it will probably be minimal.

How can it improve?

I think that if I had been able to find or had access to more different shades of blue that my fish would have been able to pop out of the sky much better, and I feel like I wasn’t able to capture the small details such as the eyes of the fish with colored pencil. This might have been because I didn’t sharpen the pencils well enough, but I think that if I were to do it again I would try to improve on the details of all of the fish. I also think that if I was able to make sharper and more precise shapes that my birds’ wings would have looked much nicer especially the feathers.

How have my colored pencil skills improve?

I could not find any colored pencil drawings of mine from the past, but I never really liked colored pencils because I never felt like I could get bright enough colors. After doing this, I found out how to make bright and dark colors and make them pop out. I also think that from art class last year and early on in this year, I learned how to blend colors much better than I ever could before, and this is shown in the zeppelin where I used the most shading.
I feel like after making this that I could make art using colored pencils much better and use them to make bright and saturated colors and use value to make objects look more realistic and round.

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