Surreal Collage Final Reflection


zeppelin 2

For this project, the class had to create surreal art. After looking at different surreal art, and studying different surreal artists and techniques, we had to try to make our own piece. The surreal art was supposed to be a collage and use magazine pieces.

We had to find magazine pieces that we thought were interesting and turn them into a piece of art. We cut them out and had to incorparate them into our art, but we also had to make sure that they fit in with the rest of our piece, which means that we have to know how to use value and other techniques to make our drawings match the realism of actual photos.

The three techniques for surrealism are transformation, unrealistic situation or setting, and size and scale.

Transformation is when someone is transforming into something else. This is pretty surreal because usually things do not transform into other things. An example of transformation could be if a fish was turning into a bird, or if a person had the tail of a fish. This is a good example of surrealism because obviously it is surreal, but also because it can make an image interesting.

Unrealistic setting is a very useful and interesting surreal technique. Unrealistic setting or situation is when something is put into a setting where it does not belong or would not regularly be. It can also be if something is placed somewhere where it could not realistically be. For example, the fish in my image are flying with a zeppelin. This could be interperated in two ways, either the fish could be flying with the zeppelin, or the zeppelin could be swimming with the fish. Either way, the situation is very unrealistic and unlikely since fish can’t fly and aren’t accompanied by zeppelins.

The final surreal technique is size and scale. Size and scale is when the sizes of things are either much bigger or smaller than they normally are. An example of this is in my piece of art is how the zeppelin and the fish are similar sizes while in reality zeppelins are much larger than fish. The birds above flying also show how large the fish are. Size and scale is a good way to make things look surreal since it can change the dimensions of objects to make them unrealistically large or small.

Using 2 or 3 of the above techniques can make a piece of art look very surreal.

I think that I was pretty successful in meeting the objectives. I think that my fish were pretty good even though they weren’t exactly as realistic as the magazine photos. The fish looked similar to the ones in the magazine and they stood out once I outlined them. I also think that my image was quite surreal because of the size and scale as well as the unrealistic situation. I feel like I could have also used transformation to make it even more surreal, however I didn’t put more elements or things into my image because I wanted to focus the attention on the fish. I think I also did a good job with shading and the colors I chose for my picture. The colors match with the colors of my magazine pieces and I think it fits well together.

When making my piece, I had some problems. I had trouble finding the right shade of blue for the sky and I had trouble finding different shades of blue, because of this, it was hard for me to make my fish different colors than the background. In the end, I used a black outline to help make my fish stand out and pop out in the picture. Other than that, I didn’t have many problems other than my magazine pieces not sticking. I simply fixed the magazine pieces by gluing them back onto the page.

If I were to improve something it would probably be the clouds. I like the way most of the clouds turned out, but some of them looked different than the others because I used a different color pencil. I think that I also could have make the clouds more realistically shaped as well. I also think I might have been able to use transformation on the birds to make them turn into fish or something. I could have added more surrealism to my piece, but overall, I am happy with how my piece turned out. If I did this again, I would probably make some small changes and add a little bit more surrealism, but I would keep it mostly the same.

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