Surreal Self-Portrait Process

The Goal:

The goal for this project, is to create a self-portrait that has surreal techniques in it. The self-portrait must be proportionate in size and look like a real face, but still has to be surreal and use at least one of the two techniques of surrealism. The final result should be a self-portrait that is made from pen and ink, that uses surreal techniques as well as shading and ink techniques along with proportion to create a self portrait.

The Three Ideas:

My first idea was a self portrait of myself sitting with my head resting on one of my hands, while there was an input jack in the side of my face. In the background, there was an empty room with only an amplifier in the room. The amplifier is unplugged from the input jack at the side of my head, which shows that what I am saying is not going through and isn’t being amplified. It is supposed to show that I’m unplugged, and not heard.

My second idea was a portrait of my with my mouth open. In my mouth, there were guitar strings and they were also going through my cheeks and mouth and going to tuning pegs on my neck. This is supposed to show that I kind of speak through the guitar strings. This kind of shows that I like to express myself through music.

My final idea was based off of a pun. The message was that I am often bored. In the portrait, It is a normal portrait of me, except my face is made of wood, almost like I am a wooden board. Since I am ‘bored’ quite often, I decided that I should draw myself as a wooden board. When looking at the piece it is not exactly clear what the message was, so I decided to add a second message. In the sketch, there are small branches growing out of my hair, which is supposed to show that I am growing as a person, and almost becoming more of a tree than a boring ‘board’.

The Most Successful Idea:

I liked all of my ideas, however in the end I think that my third idea is my favourite one because It has lots of transformation, making it very surreal. My other ones also used transformation, but I feel like this one had the most transformation and was also very unique compared to all of my other ideas.

Photo on 03-11-14 at 14.18

How Will You Make Your Final Piece Better?

I will use lots of texture with my wooden face in the portrait and I will also probably use hatching and cross-hatching a lot, since it blends in with the wood. However, in areas where I need softer texture like the leaves on the branches, I plan to use stippling and pointillism. Hopefully I can make a piece that uses value in different ways with all of the techniques, and I will make the outlines and more important parts of my face thicker in line than the texture, which will hopefully make it stand out more.

Do You Plan to Add Color?

I do not plan to add color, however, if I get the opportunity to add color, I will probably only add color to the leaves to make them stand out, and maybe to the background. I think that I shouldn’t add color to the rest of it because I think that if the piece is meant to show that I am bored, then I shouldn’t be too colorful.

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