Introductory Analysis

For my introductory analysis I chose a scene from the movie ‘Rain Man’. I chose this scene because I enjoyed the movie and thought that the editing and sound during this scene was very smooth and added effect to the scene.
I will start my analysis at around 1 minute and 15 seconds into this three minute clip. In this part of the scene, Raymond is moving things around in a hotel room. I find that the camera movement in this scene is particularly important. The subtle camera movements help the viewers to follow Raymond through the scene , without taking any attention away from the setting. As he knocks a lamp off of a desk, the camera zooms in very close towards the lamp, and during the lamp is not always in this shot, and the camera first follows the lamp down, and then zooms in on Raymond’s face. The camera is more shaky during this part since it is more zoomed in, and this paired with the acting shows what Raymond is feeling during this part of the scene. The camera then switches to another room, where the camera is perfectly still. This shows contrast between the characters and how they are feeling during this part of the scene. The camera then switches angles to show Susanna¬†walking into the room, with her walking towards the camera. When the camera angle switches to face the lamp, it starts to become zoomed in more as it was before, with the camera moving up and down to show what the characters are doing. When Susanna looks up towards Charlie, the camera shot is showing her from the shoulders up. When the camera angle again switches to Charlie, he is farther away, making him seem more isolated from the situation. For the rest of the scene the editing makes everything seem smooth and the editing is not very noticeable.

The lighting for this scene is quite important, and it helps the scene because there is not a large amount of the light in the room, which brings attention towards the lamps, which are an important part in this scene since they cause Raymond stress. The lighting is not too bright, but is enough for viewers to see the actors facial expressions well. I think that this lighting is effective because it creates a certain darker atmosphere for the scene, and helps communicate the setting.

The sound in this scene is also important, and an example of this could be the loud sound effects when the lamp is knocked over. This helps communicate how Raymond is feeling as well and shows his shock. The sound also draws attention to itself because before the lamp fell the scene was very quiet. There is also no music in this scene. I do not think music is necessary in this scene because it is simply showing Raymond adjust to a new place, and I think music might distract from the dialogue and the sound effects. When the television is turned on, the sound level of the television is enough to understand what is being said, but still quiet enough that all dialogue can be heard.


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