Introductory Analysis For my introductory analysis I chose a scene from the movie ‘Rain Man’. I chose this scene because I enjoyed the movie and thought that the editing and sound during this scene was very smooth and added effect to the scene. I will start my analysis at around 1 minute and 15 seconds into … [Read more…]

Fernando Botero

    Fernando Botero es un pintor y artist de Columbia. El tiene un technique de pintor, se llamo ” Boterismo”. Boterismo es cuando los personas en la imagen son muy gordo y los cosas en la imagen tambien son gordo. La imagen que yo elegí se llamo “family scene”. La imagen tiene una familia … [Read more…]

Que Me Gustaba

Cuando era pequeño, me gustaba muchos cosas, pero también me odiaba muchos cosas. Mucho me gustaba trenes, y me gustaba a jugar con trenitos. También me gustaba a jugar con carritos y camionitos, pero me odiaba a jugar con muñecas. También me odiaba a jugar a la casita. Me encantaba a ver dibujos animados y … [Read more…]

Surreal Self-Portrait Process

The Goal: The goal for this project, is to create a self-portrait that has surreal techniques in it. The self-portrait must be proportionate in size and look like a real face, but still has to be surreal and use at least one of the two techniques of surrealism. The final result should be a self-portrait … [Read more…]

The Surreal Collage Process

The Objectives of the Project The objectives for this project were to create surreal art using both magazine pieces as well as colored pencil. We had to use the elements of surreal art to make sure that our art was surreal and we also had to make sure that we used both magazine pieces and … [Read more…]

Who Were the Surrealists?

Part I: The first surrealist I choose is René Magritte. René was one of the most famous surrealists of all time and gained most of his fame during his 50’s. Magritte was known for changing everyday situations to make the viewers take a closer look and think about the meaning or message behind the art. … [Read more…]