Renaissance vs. Medieval Art

Renaissance Vs Medieval Art: Madonna, Lorenzo Monaco. 1381-1425. Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum The painter of this painting is Lorenzo Monaco. Lorenzo Monaco originally was born with the name Piero di Giovanni, but then changed his name. He was born in Vienna during 1370 BCE. Lorenzo is an Italian late medieval artist, and he changed his name when … [Read more…]

Non-Fiction Reading Assignment

  Nonfiction Reading Assignment TFA – IMPERIALISM Humanities and English 8 Name: Sam   Name: Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin Please provide an MLA Citation of the Text: Led Zeppelin. Immigrant Song. Jimmy Page, 1970. CD. Vocabulary: Threshing – To move violently   Valhalla – a palace in which heroes killed in battle were believed … [Read more…]

Contour vs Value

The picture above is a blind contour drawing. A blind contour drawing is when you look only at the object you are drawing, and not at the paper. While doing this drawing, I only looked at my hand and did not look at the paper while I was drawing. Blind contour drawings are usually not … [Read more…]

Reading Questions: The Age of Imperialism

1.Why did European nations compete for overseas empires during the late nineteenth century? They competed for more land so that they could have more resources, become richer and also become more powerful. They were trying to evolve their empire by taking land and expanding. Specifically, Germany and The US were trying to become more economically … [Read more…]

Who Were the Renaissance Artists?

Although there were many renaissance artists, I have chosen two. The first artist is Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi, or better known as Donatello. Donatello was an Italian sculptor from Florence. He was born in 1386, and died in 1466 at the age of 80. Donatello was known for his amazing sculptures, and his sculptures … [Read more…]