Non-Fiction Reading Assignment

  Nonfiction Reading Assignment TFA – IMPERIALISM Humanities and English 8 Name: Sam   Name: Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin Please provide an MLA Citation of the Text: Led Zeppelin. Immigrant Song. Jimmy Page, 1970. CD. Vocabulary: Threshing – To move violently   Valhalla – a palace in which heroes killed in battle were believed … [Read more…]

Mystery Short Story: Clockwork

Clockwork Detective Wayne Roberts woke up in a hospital bed. He looked around the room; there are no other people around. He sat up slowly, and notices a sharp pain in his head. He looks down at his clothes and searches through his greasy hair for a bruise. He was wearing a plaid shirt and … [Read more…]

Mystery Class Discussion Reflection

Discussion Web: I think the disscussion helped me with these two mysteries very much. This was because I got to see the things which others noticed which I may have missed. I also got to share my ideas on the two mysteries and see what others thought. I think the discussion is a good way … [Read more…]

Mystery Self Study Part 1

Key Volcabulary Protagonist (Definition) The main character in a story. The story revolves around the protagonist. Resolution The ending of something or a firm decision. Private Eye A private detective (Oxford Dictionary of English) Psychological Suspense A story which features intensity in the story as well as intensity in the mind. The criminal in the … [Read more…]

Act III Class Discussion This is a video of the class discussion on Romeo and Juliet Act III in English class. Here is a web, showing who is talking to who the most and the least. Reflection: I think I did well in talking because I wasn’t silent and I was able to get my ideas out. Another … [Read more…]