Act III Class Discussion This is a video of the class discussion on Romeo and Juliet Act III in English class. Here is a web, showing who is talking to who the most and the least. Reflection: I think I did well in talking because I wasn’t silent and I was able to get my ideas out. Another … [Read more…]

Simple Machines Historical Investigation

There are six simple machines that many other machines contain. These simple machines have changed the way humans do things. The purpose of a simple machine is the make work easier. For example a pulley can be used to move an object while using less force.   The six simple machines include: the screw, the … [Read more…]

Drafting and Plan

My client and I decided that the first design is what I will create and it will be a full size product. This is the final design:       Plan for full sized product: Step # Step Description Time taken: Diagram 1: I will get a piece of plywood and cut it into four … [Read more…]

Pitch to Client and Approval

Client Interview: Me: So, what do you think about the first design? Client: I think this design is very clear and simple, and I like the use of levers because they are easy to use.   Me: What do you think about the second design?   Client: I think that the first design is better … [Read more…]

Innovative Process

The two designs:     Testing against specification: Design 1: Specification points and weightings:   Size (1) – The first design was designed with the size of a pencil in mind and will be able to fit multiple pencils inside of it.   Durability (1) – The pencil dispenser will be made out of ply … [Read more…]

Inclined Plane Investigation

The way an inclined plane works is by spreading out the distance that an object has to be moved so that the effort can also be spread out, making it easier to get objects up to higher places. Instead of picking up a heavy object and putting it onto something else, you can just pull … [Read more…]

Symbol Final Reflection

This is my final symbol. it is a guitar with some patterns around it. in the end I chose this design because I like to play guitar a lot and I also think it represents me because I like to always have noise around me, even while I am trying to sleep. When creating this … [Read more…]

Art Room Symbols

For the first picture, I drew a column because in the art room everyone is supported. In this picture there is a sun and clouds, the sun represent the teacher (Ms. Zaza) and the clouds represent the students in the art class. This picture is a picture of an eye, i think that you need to see … [Read more…]

Drawings of Three Things

The first three drawings are about waves: Wave Drawing 1: This drawing is a drawing of a swirly wave that I thought looked cool and nice. I only drew one wave. Wave Drawing 2: In this drawing, there are three waves passing by each other. All of these waves are swirly like the one in … [Read more…]