Personal Symbol Brainstorm

These are 8 things that I think symbolize me: Electric Guitar Three-Toed Sloth Balloon Waves Stingray Yellow Pizza Map   Electric Guitar: I think that electric guitars represent me because I like to have noise around me even when I am trying to sleep. I also like to play guitar and I like to have … [Read more…]

The Abstract Human Final Reflection

In art class, we were assigned to create a sculpture based on our passion or something we really like. We had to abstract body parts to symbolize our passions. the challenging part, was that we weren’t allowed to create props, for example we weren’t allowed to make a basketball if our passion was basketball. To … [Read more…]

Windows Symbol

This is the windows symbol. it represents a decorated window that is highly abstracted. the logo is very simple and has nice and bright colors that attract your eye. I think that the symbol’s simplicity makes it look really nice and that it is a good logo that is easy to remember.

Buddhist Lotus Flower Symbol

For the Buddhists  the lotus flower was a very important symbol. the lotus flower grew in muddy and murky waters, the meaning of the lotus flower, was to rise above all of the mud and murk to achieve enlightenment,   the Buddhists Lotus flower symbol had three meanings. the first one was the one above, the second one represents purifying … [Read more…]

Sculpture in process reflection

my sculpture is about electric guitar. i abstracted the ears and arms to make them easy to notice, i tried to make the fingers exaggerated too. i abstracted the arms because you need arms to play and hold a guitar and i abstracted the ears because (most) people that play music listen to themselves play. … [Read more…]

Sculpture idea Brainstorm

Electric Guitar I like guitar a lot, i have been playing electric guitar since third grade and I’ve liked it ever since. i practice guitar everyday, even if its just for five minutes after i get home after school. Playing the electric guitar is something I have been doing for a long time, and don’t … [Read more…]


The gardener was going to plant flowers behind the art room but he said he found some clay under the dirt so today in art class we were digging with plastics knives and we found a sclupture in the ground. it was a small clay man, the sclupture is very abstract and is very unrealistic, … [Read more…]